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  Palatine Children's Chorus Association (PCCA)   

PCCA (Palatine Children’s Chorus Association) is a choral arts volunteer organization associated with the Palatine Children’s Chorus. It is a non-profit organization through which parents, friends, PCC alumni and community members can support PCC. PCCA coordinates volunteer work, coordinates fund raising activities and other supportive activities for PCC.

The Palatine Children's Chorus Association (PCCA)…

  • Is a not-for-profit public charity that promotes and supports the choral arts of the Palatine Children's Chorus

  • Helps organize musical events for PCC

  • Provides hospitality at PCC concerts and events

  • Coordinates volunteers for PCC concerts and events

  • Sponsors fund raisers to assist singers in paying for their choral trips

  • Manages the finances for fund raisers and keeps individual student fundraising accounts

  • Administers a scholarship fund to assist PCC singers and families

  • Provides funds for selected music, instruments and equipment as requested by music directors for the benefits of PCC and its singers

  • Meets regularly with the PCC musical directors and managing directors (all PCCA contributors are invited)

 Manna Card Orders   

Interested in Signing Up? 

Click here and establish an account within our group (our enrollment code FEBLE92455647).  If you want to do ACH transactions signup with their PrestoPay option


HOWEVER, you can participate in our group orders even if you are not signed up with them - just leave your order and check made out to PCCA at rehearsal in the basket. 

 PCCA Upcoming Dates  

Stay tuned for our Summer/Fall 2023 Dates!

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